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Wyse s50 user guide

Manuals, brands, wyse Manuals, switch, c50LE, manuals and User Guides for Wyse C50LE.
To restore guide your screen, move the user mouse, enter your credentials, and then click Unlock.
TIP: To exit Desktop Appliance Mode and allow normal log in after system start, administrators can use altf4 to user display the wyse Desktop Appliance Admin Login dialog box, where you can enter your administrator login credentials and access user the Control Center to use the Desktop Appliance.
See Product Downloads at: Panel Settings Use the Panel Settings dialog box (click Panel Settings) to set whether or not to always display the taskbar on top of all other windows.Upon pressing the power button, the thin client exits wyse Standby mode, and immediately prompts the user with the login dialog box.This device complies with Industry Canada license-exempt RSS standard(s).34 26 Chapter.PN Login Method - Select the Force Https check box to make the connection use the https protocol for secure communication.For information on configuring display settings, see "Display." TIP: Dual Monitors - When using a DVI to DVI/VGA splitter with VGA and DVI monitors at the same time, note that the VGA monitor will be the primary monitor.(Administrators Only) While guide in Desktop Appliance Mode, administrators can use altf4 to display the Desktop Appliance Admin Login dialog box, where you can enter your administrator login credentials and access the Control Center for administrative setup.Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/tv technician for help.Le présent appareil répond aux normes RSS exemptes de licence d Industry Canada.

For more information on ReadyMode, see the Advanced tab in "Device Settings." Additional Getting Started Details This section includes additional details on the following: "Viewing System Information" "Restoring Default Settings" Viewing System Information Clicking the System Information icon avast in the Control Center (or in the.
Select the Desktop Appliance Mode check box.
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This manual and the software and firmware described in it are copyrighted.
Windows Printer via samba - ballz Use this option for a printer attached to a different system that is sharing a printer over an SMB network (for example, a printer attached to a Microsoft Windows machine).We have 4 Wyse driver C50LE manuals available for free PDF download: Brochure Specs, Installation Manual, Quick Start Manual.PrintScreen - Select to use the Print Screen key to capture an image of the desktop to the Clipboard (used for Citrix XCapture support).After starting your client you will see a Wyse logo for a short period of time.5 Contents 1 Introduction 1 About this Guide 1 Finding the Information You Need in this Guide 1 Wyse Technical Support 1 Related Documentation and Services 1 Enhancing Your Experience with Wyse Software 2 Wyse Online Community 2 2 Getting Started: Quickly Learning the Basics.For power and voltage ratings, see the serial number label or regulatory label on your device.37 Configuring Thin Client Settings Locally 29 Advanced Use the Advanced tab to: Enable or disable ReadyMode - You can use ReadyMode for easy login after thin client shut down.For example, you can right-click the Network Manager icon, and then click Enable Wireless to remove the check and disable wireless.23 Configuring Thin Client Settings Locally 15 Installing a Network Printer.For Hardware with Wireless Capabilities Pour matériel avec capacités sans fil This radio transmitter (identify the device by certification number, or model number if Category II) has been approved by Industry Canada blumenthal to operate with the antenna types listed below with the maximum permissible gain.Antenna types not included in this list, having a gain greater than maximum gain indicated for that type, are strictly prohibited for use with this device.18 10 Chapter 2 This page patches intentionally blank.For proper replacement compare the labels on both zero client and power adapter driver to ensure that their voltages match.Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) - Use this option for a printer attached to a different Linux system on the same network running cups or a printer configured on another operating system to use IPP (http printing).For detailed information on using these features, refer to the Help in your PDF reader.

It is available at: Wyse Cloud Software is available on the Wyse Web site at: Enhancing Your Experience with Wyse Software Wyse provides several software products that are specifically designed to enhance your thin client experience.
Change user access to the printer (right-click a printer in the list, select Properties, and then click Access wyse s50 user guide Control).